Hey everyone, im cass this is my side blog. this strays from my RP blog. this is strictly for fandom stuff and normal blog things. Anyways I'm 17 and love almost and every fandom. Anime, Movies, Books, Shows, Manga, and so on i love it all. I'm a very active cosplayer and am willing to give tips. so anyways my ask is always open. thanks for comng by

jinx-queen-of-all-fandooms: Jinx walked in with food for the queen "My queen I have your food" she said sweetly



Neriah looked up from her book and smiled at a woman she had never met before, nor remembers if she’s even a member of her limited staff in the castle. “Oh thank you darling, but who are you?” She asks with a confused expression.

She gave a reassuring smile. “It’s your day,” She said quietly. “Just relax and walk around, you’ll be fine.”

She blushed and nodded “thank you love” she said and kissed her softly

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